Breast are important for a sense of feminity and to be able o be comfortable and confident in dresses and tops. If your breast never developed or have been lost after child birth inserting implants or doing a lift can help you in intimate situations

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The affects or age, the sunny environment that we live in or the effects or pollutants (either general or form personal bad habits such s smoking) can prematurely age you looks. You feel less confident and this can affect your quality of life. These change be be both prevented and partially reversed.

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The shape and comfort of excess fat or skin can drag you down. The change if not address can permeant damage your skin. Equally the greta efforts to lose weight inca leave you with cess skin. There are solutions. As well as the intimate areas of the female anatmony can be either developed abnormally or be affect significantly in childbirth. There are solutions.

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Who is Dr. Les Blackstock?

Cosmetic Surgery is my passion. This site is an honest representation of myself for any future patients to see and judge me against this passion. My passion is more than just “surgery”. It is about helping changing how people feel about themselves, and surgery can help with this. You may not need surgery and I aways suggest that an option for any patients is to do nothing and talk with appropriately qualified therapist if that will help you. I need to clarify I am not a Plastic Surgeon. That is a doctor who has completed advanced training in such areas as tendon repairs, micro surgery, burns and reconstructive surgery. Some, but not all, Plastic Surgeons, then go on to do train in the specific cosmetic procedures. The most popular such procedures being “breast implants”, “tummy tucks” and “liposuction”. The use of the title “Plastic Surgeon” should only be used by those who are members of the appropriate professional societies. I repeat I am not a Plastic Surgeon and I do not hold myself out to be a Plastic Surgeon. The other terminology is used often is “Cosmetic Surgery” and “Cosmetic Surgeon”. This terminology is not recognised by any government organisation. It is a collective terminology for organisations of doctors who perform surgery to change the cosmetic appearance of the body. these organisation comprise very noble and good men and woman who have banded together to form “Colleges” and “Association” or “Societies” to train others in the field of Cosmetic Surgery. Having trained in the USA and Europe with both Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Surgeons I can tell you that often the training is very similar in all groups and the titles after a name or the years of training may not necessarily reflect the care for the patients of the clinical outcome of any person’s particular procedure

With respect to these organisation, both Plastic and cosmetic, claiming that a training scheme that deals for the great majority with other than cosmetic procedure can make a doctor able to preform a better cosmetic outcome is just silly. Sensible people see past that. In fact the Medical Board of Australia has as a guideline that doctors should "Acknowledge and respecting the contribution of all healthcare professionals involved in the care of the patient." So if a particular surgeon talks poorly about another, who does not hold qualification like them, they are not following the guidelines.

Also the National Advertising Law says, a person must not advertise a regulated health service to creates an unreasonable expectation of beneficial treatment which is explained, in that you can not make a claim, statement or implication that a particular practitioner has an exclusive or unique skill. So claims to be "the best" "the leading" or that a particular training give you a unique skill is against the law! Think about that when you read the next pushy advertisement.

Respecting the position of both groups of people, It is not my position to enter into a debate as to who is better. Thus I do not feel it is appropriate for me to describe myself as a “Cosmetic Surgeon” and I have already said that I am not a "Plastic Surgeon". However, others choose to use that term to describe as a “Cosmetic Surgeon” and I have used the term as it is more widely recognised.

As I find myself without a clear terminology to describe my self I invented the description “Aesthetic Surgeon”, the name of this site. Which I hope explains what I do and what feel about my philosophy in dealing with people.

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